Converting from Microsoft Word to HTML?

Answer Depends on the Font you are using and the Character-Set that is specified. And which version of MS-Word?? MS-Word does strange things when you use the Save As HTML option. Though it can handle a... Read More »

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What is the HTML tag to make my text appear in block format like it does in microsoft word?

The HTML tag to make text appear in blocks is . For example, Napoleon and Josephine married on March 8, 1796. Be certain to put both the opening and the closing tag in your code.References:w3scho... Read More »

How do I convert Microsoft Works Word docs to a Microsoft Office 2007 Word?

Select Works 6.0-9.0Click the "Microsoft Office Button" that is located in Microsoft Office Word 2007. Click "Open." The "Open" box will pop up. In the "Files of Type" list, located at the bottom o... Read More »

I have a document that is Microsoft Word how do I print it on a computer that doesn't have Microsoft Word?

If you have access to another computer that has Word on it you can open in on that computer, go to file -> save as -> type in the name of the document -> choose a different file type (RTF is a good... Read More »

Pdf to Word Converting problem?

you would have to make alterations in the pdf format first then do what you want