Converting Javascript based database to Excel?

Answer First of all, JavaScript is a scripting language used to enable programmatic access to objects within other applications. It is primarily used in the form of client-side JavaScript for the develop... Read More »

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How to Prevent Excel 2003 From Automatically Converting Dates to Julian?

When you type a date into Microsoft Excel 2003, the program will automatically convert that date to a Julian number. If you prefer to see your dates in another format, you can change the setting an... Read More »

Converting Small letters to capitals in a Large Excel Document?

You can either use a formula to produce the result you want, or add in some VBA code to use as a Macro to execute. We will start off with the first option: If column B needs to be uppercase, then ... Read More »

How do I convert Excel to an Access database?

Open the Access database into which you want to convert Excel data. Go to the "File" menu in Access 2003, click "Get External Data" and select "Import." Go to the "External Data" tab in Access 2007... Read More »

How do I make an Excel spreadsheet into a database?

Prepare Excel DataEnsure that your Excel data will transfer well. Create column headers (fields) for each column that contains data, remove blank rows and columns and ensure that the data within ea... Read More »