Converting 301.12 base 10 into hexadecimal?

Answer Start with the decimal part and divide it by 16: (don't use a calculator)301 / 16 = 18 remainder 13 (13 = D) therefore D is your least significant digit.18 / 16 = 1 remainder 2 (2 = 2) ther... Read More »

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Need help converting 1/2s into grams?

There is no one for one conversion from grams to cups. This is converting weight to volume which is like trying to convert apples to pears. Some people say that a cup is X ounces, but this is a mea... Read More »

Is converting infrared light into heat efficient?

Infrared light converts to heat energy with high efficiency. Consider a fire. Infrared energy is produced, verified by the yellow-orange to red color you see. The heat produced by this fire is enor... Read More »

Converting a Satellite dish into a bird bath?

Aww.. Clevis, you are so environmentally conscious, my tree hugging friend ;) I think you should do it! Here's a link for ya...just imagine how classy it would be with one of those big muthas! You... Read More »

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