Convert this...what is my name?

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How to Convert Your Name to Gaelic?

There is a natural curiosity relating to finding out the meaning of words and expressions in a different language. This curiosity -- even with an ancient language such as Gaelic -- is often a simpl... Read More »

What president dealt with a leak scandal involving revealing a convert CIA agent name?

I think you are referring to the Valerie Plame affair of 2003-2005 which was a scandal in the George W. Bush administration.

How can you convert your seinfeld DVD to watch on your ipod It only seems to convert 1 episode per disk I have tried so many different programs and it will not convert the whole disk?

nothing. it'll just be suddenly less appealing to people who have iphone 4 and they rush to buy iphone 5.

Could you please help meI have an adopted sister and only knowthat she was born in a nuns convert in the 1960's our father was not on the birth certificate but i know the mother name?

Without knowing what state the adoption took place in, it's hard to give you an in-depth answer. Each state has different laws regarding adoption. I'd suggest you visit this page: http://www.Adop... Read More »