Convert mpeg4 videos recorded on ipod into avi videos for windows movie maker?

Answer yes

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What program can I use to convert videos from my camcorder to add to windows movie maker?

First and foremost, if your camcorder records to digital video tape, then you're connecting it improperly. You must use another procedure.If your camcorder records to a memory card or an HDD (hard... Read More »

Why wouldn't my IPod videos work on Windows Movie Maker?

Try another NLEditor.or go through the conversion process. It can take a little time to get you work-flow working as you like. I suggest that you use some short, unimportant files to practice with... Read More »

How do i convert the videos from my camcorder in order to be able to upload them on windows movie maker?

get some proffessional help, not going to be easy with an old camcorder!

How do I download videos from sites such as Youtube convert them to WMV then put them on Windows Movie Maker?

Go to to download the video in an FLV format. Then you need to convert it to a WMV format so use the free software from the link below to convert from FLV to WMV.