Convert Tiff Image To A Jpeg File?

Answer Is there any way to convert tiff to jpeg and save it? Have tried to download programs that claim to do this, yet none give any option to save any work ( 'save' button greyed out). Even asking the q... Read More »

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How Can I Convert Tiff Image Into Multipage Jpeg Or Pdf File.?

I have a toolkit which is doing the same. but I want to write my own code. That will receive a tiff image and convert it into multipage jpeg file. Regards Ather Ali Shaikh

How do i convert a .tiff image to a .jpeg image?

Open the image in your image manipulation software such as GIMP, Photoshop, or Paint Shop Pro. "Save as" and select the file format you want.

How to convert DICOM image files to TIFF or JPEG?

Since most DICOM images are 16-bit and most image viewers for TIFF or JPEG files can only support 8-bit pixel, you'll need to convert DICOM images to 8-bit first and then save them to TIFF or JPEG ... Read More »

How do i convert TIFF files to JPEG's in photoshop without losing the image size or resolution?

It somewhat depends on your image editing program. Some better ones have a slide scale for jpg image compression and you can have a jpg with hardly any compression at all. I do not know why you los... Read More »