Convert .TIF or .TIFF to .Doc?

Answer You need to be able to scan the image file and then run the OCR software against that to convert it to plain text. But this will only work if the images file's text is in a font that can easily be... Read More »

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How can I convert from a Tiff (G4) to an uncompress Tiff ?

I'm 99% sure that irfanview will be able to help you. It is a small, fast, freeware image viewer that you can use to open the file, and then save it again to any format you like. http://www.irfanv... Read More »

How to Convert .Pdf to .Tiff?

TIFF defines a standard image format denoted by file extensions ".tiff" or "tif." This format permits to store high-quality graphics. The Adobe portable document format, abbreviated as PDF, is broa... Read More »

How to Convert Xps to Tiff?

Files with the extension .XPS are image files of hard-copy documents. They are akin to Adobe Acrobat's PDF documents, which are very popular among most computer users. While XPS documents are not p... Read More »

How to convert TIFF to PDF?

The following Print Wizard appears, and you will be prompted to choose a printer, paper size, and image quality. To convert your images to Adobe PDF, you are required to choose Virtual PDF Printer ... Read More »