Convert 101100110 base of 2 to octal using bit grouping?

Answer Change this101100110to101 100 110Now convert each group of three bits into a number. That will be the octal number.Do the same for hexadecimal but group in 4 bits from the right and pad on the lef... Read More »

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What are the octal values of the four 8-bit bytes in the 32-bit number with octal representation 32107654321?

first expand the octal to binary3 2 1 0 7 6 5 4 3 2 1011 010 010 000 111 110 101 100 011 010 001now take then 8 bits at a time11010010 00011111 01011000 1101... Read More »

How to Convert Octal Altitude to Decimal?

Octal notation represents data as base-8 numbers, which means digits 0 through 7, while decimal notation represents data as base-10 numbers, which means digits 0 through 9. Octal numbers were used ... Read More »

How to Convert Any Base Using Division?

In Base 10, the place values for counting are all multiples of 10. The first column is units, followed by 10s, then 100s, 1000s and so on. This is the same for all bases. In Base 3, the first colum... Read More »

How to Make Two Truncated Pyramids Base to Base Using Funangles?

Final productThere are many figures you can create while playing around with Funangles. This how-to shows you how to make the two truncated pyramids base to base figure.