Conversion of Knots to Miles Per Hour for Wind Speed?

Answer Knots is a nautical measure of speed, often used to describe the speed of a boat or the speed of the wind. For people without boating experience, a more common unit of speed is miles per hour. Thou... Read More »

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How many miles per hour is 50 knots of wind speed?

According to NASA, 1 nautical mile per hour (knot) is equal to about 1.151 miles per hour, so 50 knots equals 57.539 miles per hour. Maritime weather forecasts often describe wind speed in terms of... Read More »

What is the wind speed of 5 knots per hour?

A knot is a nautical mile or 6,076 feet, while a standard mile is 5,280 feet, so there are 1.151 miles in a knot. Multiplying 5 by 1.151 gives 5.754 miles per hour in 5 knots.Source:NASA: Knots vs.... Read More »

How many miles per hour equals a wind speed unit?

Meteorologists and mariners measure wind speed in units called knots. A single wind speed unit equals 1.152 mph. One knot moves at a speed of 1 nautical mile per hour or 6076.12 feet.Source:Univers... Read More »

How to Convert Knots to Miles Per Hour?

For many people converting one unit to a different type of unit or measurement is a little confusing. The match calculation might be a little basic, but the logic behind it is not so intuitive. If ... Read More »