Conversion of Cubic Feet to Gallons?

Answer Cubic feet and gallons both measure volume. In the United States, a gallon only measures the volume of liquids, while cubic feet can indicate the volume of a liquid or dry substance. To convert the... Read More »

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The Unit Conversion for Cubic Meters Per Second to Cubic Feet Per Second?

The rate of liquids flowing through open channels can be expressed in units of volume per units of time. Common measurement units are cubic feet per second, liters per second and cubic meters per s... Read More »

The Conversion of Cubic Feet Per Minute to Cubic Feet Per Second?

Cubic feet per minute and cubic feet per second measure the flow rate. The flow rate is used to represent the speed at which substances pass through a certain point, such as water through a pipe, o... Read More »

Gallons Per Cubic Foot Conversion?

Volume is a three-dimensional interior measurement. From something as small as a matchbox to something as large as a swimming pool, an object's volume can be gauged through various units. Gallons a... Read More »

How to Determine Gallons Per Cubic Feet?

Gallons and cubic feet are two different ways of measuring volume. Therefore, you can use a conversion factor to easily transfer between the two of them. All you need is a calculator and the number... Read More »