Convection, Radiation & Conduction Solar Heating?

Answer Thermal solar panels heat water or air with the sun's rays. Like any system that relies on the conversion of energy, there are various types of inefficiency associated with this conversion. The con... Read More »

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How to Teach Conduction, Convection, & Radiation to Middle School Students?

Conduction is the transfer of heat through direct contact between two substances of differing temperature, such as a room temperature spoon and hot cocoa. Convection is the transfer of heat in air ... Read More »

Convection and Conduction Ovens?

Convection and conduction ovens both cook food, but use very different heating methods to achieve the same goal. Understanding the properties of convection and conduction is important when consider... Read More »

How does conduction apply to solar ovens?

What Is Convection Heating & Cooling?

Understanding the science of convection heating and cooling can be an intimidating topic to wrap your head around at first glance. However, when it is broken down into relatively easy to understand... Read More »