Controversies Found in Intelligence Testing?

Answer Sir Francis Galton, a British scientist, was among the first to study comparisons between people based on awards and accomplishments. He was convinced that intelligence was biologically inherited. ... Read More »

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What is intelligence testing?

The process of testing intelligence was first invented in 1905 by Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon. Intelligence testing, also known as the IQ test, is used to determine someone's intelligence quoti... Read More »

Uses of Intelligence Testing?

In 1900, the French government determined that it needed a test to distinguish the "normal" children from those who were having academic difficulties. They hired noted psychologist Alfred Binet to ... Read More »

Intelligence Testing in Toddlers?

Intelligence testing in very young children, particularly toddlers is not particularly reliable or good at indicating future achievement levels. Consequently, most testing done in the first few yea... Read More »

Problems With Intelligence Testing?

Standardized intelligence tests are commonly used in schools to place students in different groups of classes, such as gifted and remedial. Although these tests have a large body of empirical resea... Read More »