Control prompt on computer tips?

Answer You mean the Command Prompt. You get there by going to Start>Run then typing in these commands for Windows 2000 and XP Professional. Some useful networking commands you can enter at the command p... Read More »

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How to Remove Active X Control Prompt?

Are you receiving a windows prompt asking you to "Click to run an Active-X Control on this Webpage"? If so, here are the instructions to guide you through the removal of that error message.

How to Access the DOS Prompt at Computer Start Up?

Microsoft first introduced the Microsoft Disk Operating System, MS-DOS, in August of 1981. Created for IBM-compatible computers, DOS is a non-graphical, command line operating system. MS-DOS 6.22... Read More »

How to Enable Command Prompt on a School Computer?

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How to Change a Computer Password Using Command Prompt?

A command prompt is a command you issue to your computer using a built-in program. To change a computer password using Microsoft Command Prompt, follow these instructions.