Control of Juniper Tip Blights?

Answer Two fungal diseases that cause almost identical symptoms in juniper trees are responsible for the condition known as juniper tip blight. The phomopsis fungus disfigures plants and even kills some t... Read More »

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Seedling Blights Are a Concern for Which Crops?

A cold spring in many parts of the country can lead to seedling blight in crops.Crops like corn, wheat, barley and oats are susceptible to blight.Understanding what seedling blight is and the facto... Read More »

How do I eat juniper berry?

Eating Juniper BerriesJuniper berries are bittersweet and have been used to flavor meats and other dishes since ancient times, according to What's Cooking America. Dried juniper berries should be c... Read More »

Horizontal Juniper Varieties?

Junipers are workhorse shrubs traditionally used as easy-care but not-very-inspiring landscape plants. The blue-foliaged, spreading plants dominating commercial landscaping are typical. Newer, more... Read More »

Common Juniper Trees?

North America's juniper tree species feature two types of foliage, often on the same tree. One kind consists of close, overlapping scales covering the four-sided branchlets, while the other is a mo... Read More »