Control of Juniper Tip Blights?

Answer Two fungal diseases that cause almost identical symptoms in juniper trees are responsible for the condition known as juniper tip blight. The phomopsis fungus disfigures plants and even kills some t... Read More »

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Seedling Blights Are a Concern for Which Crops?

A cold spring in many parts of the country can lead to seedling blight in crops.Crops like corn, wheat, barley and oats are susceptible to blight.Understanding what seedling blight is and the facto... Read More »

Can I use HCL Betaine with Juniper Tea?

6-8 cups is that like a cup every 3 - 4 hours? Is it berries you picked? Did you buy them in bulk, and if so, how good is the Quality of the Berries? Hows your digestion, any problems? If no probl... Read More »

What type of juniper is this?

Blue Rug Juniper Botanical name is Juniperus horizontalis 'Wiltoni'.…Bonsai…

What are juniper berries?

Juniper berries are the small, berry-like cones containing the seeds of the juniper tree. They take two to three years to mature, changing from a reddish color to bluish black. Only mildly poisonou... Read More »