'Control Panel' on my PC does not recognise that I have a printer connected.?

Answer Go to Start > Run > type "NET STOP SPOOLER" > press enterGo to Start > Run > type "NET START SPOOLER" > press enterThis resets the printing spool, if the printer still doesn't show up on control pa... Read More »

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After installing printer drivers, the printer does not show on the Control Panel?

To find out if you have a 64 bit, do the followingStartEnter systemNow look for system and click itFor printer statusStartDevices and printersRight click the printer icon (If there) and select remo... Read More »

Hp laser jet printer 13.20.00 error showing on control panel?

means a paper jam. If you can't find any paper, then could be a sensor. But thats unlikely. Its probably a tiny piece of paper stuck on the sensor.

Kodak printer control panel suddenly stopped working?

That can be a potentially serious problem. First thing to try is power off the printer, remove the power cable & data cable from it for about 15 minutes, then plug back in only the power cable & se... Read More »

Why wont Dragonframe recognise that my Nikon camera is connected to the computer!?

Remove the memory card and insert it into the card reader on your computer.Copy all the images to your computer to a new file folder named for the subject and date.This is what those of us who have... Read More »