Contrast Bermuda Grass & Kentucky Bluegrass?

Answer Although there are many turf applications where Kentucky bluegrass and Bermuda grass can be interchanged, there are distinct differences between the two types of grass. These differences should be ... Read More »

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What color is Kentucky bluegrass?

Kentucky bluegrass ranges in color from bright green to deep blue-green. The boat-shaped leaf tip makes this species unique from other grass types, and it grows in multiples of three or four on a s... Read More »

How do i kill kentucky bluegrass?

Decrease rootsDecrease the root growth of Kentucky bluegrass by applying a fertilizer with high nitrogen and mowing the turf frequently. Kentucky bluegrass grows by rhizomes beneath the soil, creat... Read More »

Kentucky Bluegrass Diseases?

Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) is a common grass in the humid, cooler areas of the United States. The grass requires ample irrigation when grown in the western states. The grass is a native of ... Read More »

How to Water Kentucky Bluegrass?

Kentucky Bluegrass is a hearty variety of lawn grass that can withstand colder temperatures and some heat, though the grass has a tendency to fall dormant during drought or under exceptionally hot ... Read More »