Contractual Liability?

Answer The contract is one of the more basic structures of the law. Through the signing of a contract, individuals and institutions agree to take on certain legally binding obligations and debts. If they ... Read More »

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What Is Contractual Liability Coverage?

A type of insurance for businesses, contractual liability coverage protects companies from financial losses that may arise due to a lawsuit filed against someone with whom the company has a busines... Read More »

What is contractual liability insurance?

Contractual liability is commonly covered by the Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy and is incorporated automatically without the need for an endorsement. More specifically, the in... Read More »

What is a contractual agreement?

A contractual agreement is an agreement to do something or to return something of value. This agreement is between two or more people. Contractual agreements can include an offer, promise, terms an... Read More »

Are newspaper ads contractual offers?

In general, newspaper ads are not contractual offers because they are not directed at a specific party. Most ads are invitations for offers. In a few cases, however, courts have found that some ad... Read More »