Contour HD 1080p VS GoPro HD Helmet Hero VS ATC9K HD Action Camera?

Answer I would suggest the GoPro HD. Even though the contour is a bit more sleek, the GoPRO has awesome video quality and is much more versatile when you are looking to use it for things besides just skii... Read More »

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Which has the best video quality for skiing Gopro Hero 3 black,Contour+2 or Sony action Cam?

There is no single best... It depends on your requirements.which one has the most realist color: You set the white balance in the camera - you can adjust when editing (assuming you use a decent vi... Read More »

Whats the difference between the gopro original camera and the gopro hero hd2?

How many gigabytes per hr does the goPro Hero 3 use when shooting 1080p/60fps?

The data rate is somewhat variable but should be close to 13-14 Gig/ hour at that setting.I.e I looked at a 01:05:00 clip at 60fps that was 235mb.

Is the gopro hero camera the best camera for its price or are there competitors that have better cameras?

There are many cameras that do similar things that the GoPro line can do, however, the GoPro is unique in one very important respect. It comes with an almost indestructible, waterproof housing that... Read More »