Consumer camcorders and editing software?

Answer For the most part, best video quality is from DV format - the same format captured to miniDV tape.In the Macintosh environment, ALL Macs beginning about 10 years ago came with a firewire400 port st... Read More »

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How do consumer miniDV camcorders of today compare to 8mm and Super 8mm?

I believe those formats are analog so the difference would be like the difference between a VHS movie and a DVD movie.

Software for Camcorders?

Most camcorders come with computer interface software and cables. To be honest your probably don’t need any software if you want to download your video onto your computer. Just plug the camcorder... Read More »

Vedio editing software?

There are numerous free editing tools for video.If you are on a PC there are the following:1) JahshakaJahshaka is a free multi-use offline editing tool. Although it is still fairly new on the marke... Read More »

Movie Editing Software for Windows?

With the right equipment, anyone can make a movie right in their own home. There are many movie editing software choices available for amateurs who just want to have fun as well as those who take t... Read More »