Consumer Protection and Individual Credit Card Responsibility?

Answer When making purchases, it's best to only purchase goods or services from reputable merchants. While there is no sure-fire way to prevent identity theft and credit card fraud, you can protect your a... Read More »

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Credit Card Consumer Protection Laws?

Credit card companies often have a negative reputation for trying to get as much as they can from consumers. In the past, people have accused them of using unscrupulous business practices to achiev... Read More »

Nevada Consumer Protection Laws Regarding Credit Card Debts?

Nevada is a consumer-friendly state with some of the shortest debt collection laws in the country. With one of the shortest statutes of limitations on credit card in the country, Nevada offers cons... Read More »

Consumer Rights Information for Missed Credit Card Payments?

Credit card laws passed in 2009 change how credit card companies handle late payments. Provisions of the Credit CARD Act of 2009 give consumers more rights should they miss a credit card payment.

Credit Card Purchase Protection Law?

Consumers appreciate the convenience and flexibility of using credit cards, but those benefits come with risks and vulnerabilities. You may find that someone has used your personal account informat... Read More »