Constructivist Learning Ideas?

Answer Constructivism is one of the most popular modern learning theories. It rests on the premise that every individual uses the context of their own experiences to build an understanding of the world ar... Read More »

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Principles of the Constructivist Theory & Distance Learning?

With origins in philosophy and psychology, constructivism is a theory that describes how people perceive the world and actively construct knowledge based on their own understandings. In other words... Read More »

How to Design a Constructivist Lesson?

Constructivist lessons are based on two underlying assumptions. First, constructivists believe all learning is active rather than passive. Secondly they believe new ideas are best absorbed when th... Read More »

How to Teach Art Through Constructivist Theories?

Constructivist learning lets students form their own opinions about information and use active learning as a teaching tool. This style of learning works well for art classes. Students form their le... Read More »

What Is a Constructivist Approach to Teaching?

The constructivist theory of education was developed by Lev Vygotsky, a psychologist and educator born in 1896. Vygotsky's theory was centered on the principles of social constructivism. Jerome Bru... Read More »