Constipation, what can I do to fix this?

Answer Dulcolax.

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Can constipation cause gas?

On One Hand: Pressure on Anus May Cause FlatulenceThe pressure in the anal tract and intestines from constipation can cause bacterial buildup that may lead to gas and flatulence.On the Other: Gas a... Read More »

I have constipation what shall i do?

eat fiber... bran, fruit, green veggies....


OK.. this is not exactly a great topic but here are some first stops and then, if you get no immediate results, its time to see an MD.Lets just speak plainly too.. ok? In addition to chugging as... Read More »

Having really bad constipation?

Have someone like a friend or neighbor give you an enema. This can get very messy so make sure to put plastic on the floor and walls. If this doesn't work go to the ER immediately.