Constant sore throats and mouth/throat ulcers?

Answer I also have a problem with mouth and throat ulcers. Someone recommended I take Lysine suppliment and I found that it helps reduce the occurrence of the ulcers and when they are present, they tend t... Read More »

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Why do I keep getting sore throats almost every day?

Go to your doctor. We can't really give you an answer it could be many different things.

Cures for sore throats?

A couple of easy things I do is either :Take sorethoat medicineorGurgle salt water a couple of timesor Eat a teaspoon of honeyAlthough the honey might taste terrible to some people (like me EWW) it... Read More »

Honey and sore throats?

If you want to soothe it then open wide, throw your head back and squeeze the honey out of the bottle straight down your throat. This will soothe your throat if it's scratchy and irritated. I do ... Read More »

Will green tea with lemon help with sore throats?

Any warm tea with a little bit of honey does the trick for me.