Constant Chapped Lips?

Answer Chapped lips make you feel self-conscious, particularly when you smile and feel the tightness on your mouth. The dryness makes you want to chew on your lips to remove the flaky skin. They can crack... Read More »

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Reasons for Severe Constant Chapped Lips?

Severe constant chapped lips is a frustrating condition that is both painful and unappealing. Although we constantly care for our other body parts, many of us forget to properly care for our lips. ... Read More »

Chapped lips?

I used to get real chapped lips. What I did was I mixed a teaspoon of Oilve Oil with a little sugar and I lightly rubbed it on my lips. After I was done I applied a little chapstick. The Oilve Oil... Read More »

How do you get rid of chapped lips?

Chapped Lips!!!!!?

AQUAPHOR!!!!!!!!! omg it's sooo great it is very hydrating just apply to your lips and I little above your upper lip every night and go to sleep and when you wake up your lips will be hydrated! The... Read More »