Consequences of Writing a Bad Check?

Answer When a consumer writes a check, the check represents a promise to pay for goods or services purchased. If the bank returns that check for some reason, the consumer may face a barrage of penalties f... Read More »

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Consequences for Writing a Bad Check in North Carolina?

North Carolina General Statutes section 14-107 (a) explains that knowledge of check fraud is what makes it a crime. Check fraud prosecutors and plaintiffs must prove that any person or corporation... Read More »

Bad Check Consequences in Missouri?

Any person who writes a check on an account knowingly without sufficient funds in the account to cover the check is in violation of Missouri law. Holders of the bad check have an opportunity to pur... Read More »

One of the consequences of a bouncing a check in the Marine Corps?

The consequences can vary from a page 11 entry to special court-martial and a BCD. Depends on how many bad checks were written, and how much money was involved. Usually, first offense or two will b... Read More »

Can you go to jail for writing a bad check?

As of 2009, each state has its own laws regarding bad checks. However, the practice of writing a check with insufficient funds is illegal in all 50 of the United States. The writer of the check can... Read More »