Consequences of Bullying in School?

Answer Some people see bullying in school as something that is a normal part of childhood. They simply do not realize the seriousness of this issue and think that it is just a part of growing up. However,... Read More »

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The Consequences of Bullying in Schools?

Bullying is an epidemic in schools around the world. Students who are larger but more insecure often become bullies to compensate for inadequacies in their own lives, be it domestic or with their s... Read More »

Consequences of Racist Bullying in Schools?

Teachers and public school administrators discourage racism. But racism can propagate in schools where students may already be subject to racist bullying. The motivation of this type of bullying re... Read More »

The Consequences of Bullying in Kindergarten- 3rd Grade?

Many children in the 5- to 9-year age group experience some teasing in school, but teasing becomes bullying when their classmates keep repeating themselves or purposely try to hurt their victims. I... Read More »

Is bullying in school against the law?

School bullying consists of physical, verbal or psychological abuse against a particular student or group of students. Some U.S. states have specific laws against bullying, but, in other cases, cer... Read More »