Consenual for a 16 and 18 to have sex in California?

Answer is it considered consesual sex when a 16 and 18 year old have sex in the state of california?

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Does California have a law that I have to stop at an accident scene?

If you are involved in an traffic accident, it is illegal to leave the scene. If you are a bystander, it is not illegal to leave the scene. According to California law, you can depart.Source:Cali... Read More »

If you are in the union in California under the EDD federal extension program do you have to have three employ?

no you would only need one employee not three hope thie hlped some my father works for the union

In California do condo owners have the right to have a dog?

Regardless of the state where you live, your governing documents determine the pet policies for the community. Read them to discover the pet policies for your condominium association.

Does anyone have any information on adopting from Mexico I live in California and my partner and I are very interested in adopting from either California or Mexico as we are 3 hours from their border?

There is an adoption agencies here in Espanola, New Mexico. Every few times a year they will have a display of the children available for adoption and information on them. To get more information..... Read More »