Consealor still wont cover my dark circles?

Answer it could just be the concealer thats being used? i use dinair airbrush makeup and it works as a concealer and foundation in one so it cover sup everything and it makes my skin look flawless...its s... Read More »

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How to Cover Dark Circles?

If you have dark circles beneath your eyes, you are not alone. This common occurrence is usually the result of heredity and tends to be more visible with age as the skin under the eyes thins. Even ... Read More »

How to Cover Dark Circles With Makeup?

Just about everyone has had to deal with dark circles under their eyes. Whether they're caused by a long night out on the town, a shift in hormones or a lengthy period out of the sun, dark circles ... Read More »

How to Cover Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Under-eye circles can be hereditary but they can also be caused by fatigue and dietary deficiencies. Making lifestyle changes, such as getting more sleep and taking vitamins, may help get rid of da... Read More »

How to cover my dark circles using makeup (pic)?

use concealer thats what i use :D or go on youtube and search on makeup tutorials to cover up dark circles :D