Connection of cpu monitor and tv tuner?

Answer You just need to buy a tv tuner card , you can buy those who have audio video socket in them as well.The Tv tuner card will be placed in your cpu , check if your motherboard have pci slots.http://w... Read More »

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Tft flat panel monitor with a vga connection you also have a computer with a vga connection How can you improve the monitor to digital quality?

Digital video is not inherently better than analog. In some cases, digital can be a lower quality. DVI is the digital display standard for computers but it is based on the same resolution as VGA ou... Read More »

Monitor w/Tuner or TV?

Someone has been giving you daft information. A monitor with a tuner built in IS a television set - that is pretty well what the definition of a tv is.All tv sets have auxiliary inputs so that you ... Read More »

Do i get an LCD TV or an LCD monitor with DTV tuner?

I'd go for a LCD TV myself. The picture quality on the monitors with DTV tuners are often just as good but sometimes the sound quality can be poor. Especially with Samsung monitors.

How to Hook Up a Monitor With a Built-In TV Tuner?

Some monitors have built-in TV tuners that let you use the device as if it were a traditional television. This feature saves space in small rooms like dorms and offices, especially if you have a la... Read More »