Connecting my PC to my TV?

Answer Using a HDMI to VGA adapter is no good. It needs to be a DVI to VGA adapter. HP provides a small DVI to VGA adapter in the boxwith many of its computers.if you have it, connect the adapter to the D... Read More »

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Connecting VGA to TV?

That cable will only work with special VGA connectors that support video out from the VGA connector. I doubt your computer has that feature. If you read the "fine print" on that link it explains ... Read More »

Connecting internet to TV?

If you have W-Fi, I would just suggest getting a Blu-Ray player with streaming capabilities. They run about 80.00-120.00's for a cheap model, and of course you can always purchase ones for much mor... Read More »

Connecting the computer to T.V.?

When you are using VGA, you need to connect audio from the sound card's speaker out tothe audio in on the TV. Depending on the TV you may need a patch cord that has the 3.5 mm size and 3 lines a... Read More »

Connecting laptop to tv?

HDMI is digital and SVideo is analog. They are not compatible without converter hardware and the result is not very good. If your laptop and TV have VGA, use that for best results and an audio cabl... Read More »