Connecting my PC to my TV?

Answer Using a HDMI to VGA adapter is no good. It needs to be a DVI to VGA adapter. HP provides a small DVI to VGA adapter in the boxwith many of its computers.if you have it, connect the adapter to the D... Read More »

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Help with connecting my pc to tv?

you may buy a vga to component converter .…

Connecting VGA to TV?

That cable will only work with special VGA connectors that support video out from the VGA connector. I doubt your computer has that feature. If you read the "fine print" on that link it explains ... Read More »

WIFI, i need help connecting.?

1. Buy one set of Power LAN plugs. They connect to each other by the electrical cables in your wall. One you attach close to the wifi modem which MUST have at least one free ethernet plug (the netw... Read More »

Need help connecting dvd player to tv?

You could call Comcast and ask them...Check to make sure you plugged into the Comcast A/V "IN" ports, so that you are sending the signal to the Comcast box (and then to the TV).Check your channels.... Read More »