Connect both computers to both printers.?

Answer I'll assume you have WinXP.First make sure you both belong to the same workgroup. The easy way to do this is press and hold the Windows Key and then hit the PAUSE/BREAK key. Click the tab that says... Read More »

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I have 2 computers, both running WinXP...what's the best way to hook both to 1 monitor at same time?

Ok, what you need is a little switch. I believe it's called a KVM switch. (google that, not positive). Anyways, what it does is, connects both computers to one monitor like you said.I have it hooke... Read More »

I have both a wi-fi tv and blu ray, do I need to connect both to the internet?

If you have no use for the TV apps then just connect the bluray.

I HAVE 2 Computer. How to connect both the computers without router or hub?

If you don't want them on the internet: get a regular cable and direct connet them together.If you want them on the internet: one of the computers would need two ethernet cards. Then you would have... Read More »

Can I connect 2 desktop computers to a wireless modem and get internet on both desktops plus my laptop?

Hi,You have the perfect setup for wireless network connectivity, so let's walk through this step by step.1. If the router is in fact a wireless router, and not merely a switch, then any computer (d... Read More »