Connect both computers to both printers.?

Answer I'll assume you have WinXP.First make sure you both belong to the same workgroup. The easy way to do this is press and hold the Windows Key and then hit the PAUSE/BREAK key. Click the tab that says... Read More »

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Which printers are compatible with Dell computers Besides the actual Dell printers?

I agree that HP makes some good printers, but any printer you buy will be compatible with a Dell computer. The only thing to look at is if the printer is made for Windows, Mac, etc.I cannot think o... Read More »

Are all printers compatible with all computers?

well any printer goes with any computer but if u want an hp printer , 'hppsc1215' is good and it uses 27 and 28 ink cartidges, which u have !!!

How can 2 computers share 3 printers?

Inter-connect all your printers and computers through a router/hub.Each printer has an unique Ip address mapped to the respective name of the printer.whenever you want to use a printer, you choose... Read More »

How to Link Printers to Multiple Computers?

If you have multiple computers in your home, you can save some money and space by linking them all to a single printer. Unless you have several people in your home who need to print documents all t... Read More »