Confused about periods?

Answer You've gotten your period! Congratulations! (not). You should definitely start with pads. If it feels like a diaper then try thinner ones. I wouldn't recommend tampons, since they give me the creep... Read More »

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I am confused about which TV to buy?

The 42" 720p TV is perfect for 8-9ft viewing distance! The 40" 1080p TV is better viewed at 4-5ft away!See this:…Plus, the Plasma will have a better pictu... Read More »

I'm confused about Australia?

Yes & you damn near confused me too ! Yes Australia IS an island. Yes , it is also a continent . Yes , we are ONE country .No , Australia is NOT a part or colony of England any more , just like t... Read More »

I'm confused about led poisoning?

Lead poisoning can and will kill you. This usually takes a while to occur, depending on the amount and duration of the exposure. The noticeable symptoms include headache, abdominal pain, muscular w... Read More »

Confused about calories?

Burning 500 calories a day is not how you lose weight. You lose weight by making sure that the number of calories your consuming a day is below (say, 500 calories below) your daily caloric maintena... Read More »