Confused about calories?

Answer Burning 500 calories a day is not how you lose weight. You lose weight by making sure that the number of calories your consuming a day is below (say, 500 calories below) your daily caloric maintena... Read More »

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I'm confused on how many calories I'm supposed to eat?

yes that way to much for a girl there is no way for any way for us to tell how many cals you should eat you got to find that but nothing less then 1300 and nothing higher then 2000

Confused about periods?

You've gotten your period! Congratulations! (not). You should definitely start with pads. If it feels like a diaper then try thinner ones. I wouldn't recommend tampons, since they give me the creep... Read More »

Confused about Facebook....?

By sending him a message, you have allowed him to view your limited profile for one month. This is stated at the bottom of a message you send to someone who isn't your friend, as per the following:... Read More »

I'm confused about Australia?

Yes & you damn near confused me too ! Yes Australia IS an island. Yes , it is also a continent . Yes , we are ONE country .No , Australia is NOT a part or colony of England any more , just like t... Read More »