Confused about Facebook....?

Answer By sending him a message, you have allowed him to view your limited profile for one month. This is stated at the bottom of a message you send to someone who isn't your friend, as per the following:... Read More »

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I'm confused about led poisoning?

Lead poisoning can and will kill you. This usually takes a while to occur, depending on the amount and duration of the exposure. The noticeable symptoms include headache, abdominal pain, muscular w... Read More »

I am confused about which TV to buy?

The 42" 720p TV is perfect for 8-9ft viewing distance! The 40" 1080p TV is better viewed at 4-5ft away!See this:…Plus, the Plasma will have a better pictu... Read More »

I am confused about HDTV and the blu ray on the ps3?

the answer is yes, the TV will take care of itbut with the sony, you will have to change the setting manually, it is very easy and will only have to be done onceyou TV does not do 1080i so it will ... Read More »

I'm confused about Australia?

Yes & you damn near confused me too ! Yes Australia IS an island. Yes , it is also a continent . Yes , we are ONE country .No , Australia is NOT a part or colony of England any more , just like t... Read More »