Conflicting Types in C?

Answer In the C programming language, as with other programming languages, programmers store different values in variables. Depending on the type of value they wish to store, they will use a different typ... Read More »

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Conflicting prom plans?

I think it's really sweet that your dad would dress up as a chauffeur and drive you guys! Awww...You should let him do that! He sounds like an awesome dad. As far as the planning goes, why don't yo... Read More »

How to Avoid Conflicting Thoughts and Emotions?

Very often one encounters many dilemmas. Your heart refuses to acknowledge what the mind thinks is best for you....

LM317T pin arrangement Conflicting info:?

With the regulator part number facing you and the tab up on the 317T (TO220 package) the connections from left to right are ADJ, Vout, and Vin. I've posted the link to the manufacturer's data sheet... Read More »

Conflicting Forces in "Pride & Prejudice"?

"Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen is one of the most revered works of English literature. Groundbreaking in its time and appreciated to this day, "Pride and Prejudice" narrates the story of a mi... Read More »