Conflict Resolution Models for Teachers?

Answer Schools are often scenes of conflict, as is true for any place where large numbers of people are gathered. Teachers, staff and students need tools for dealing with conflict. Conflict Resolution Edu... Read More »

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Classroom Conflict Resolution Strategies?

Conflicts in the classroom are inevitable. Personalities can clash or someone might just be having a bad day. It's important that conflicts be resolved as quickly as possible before they escalate. ... Read More »

Educational Tools & Conflict Resolution?

Conflict in human affairs is ubiquitous. But preventing conflict from escalating destructively takes skill and judgment. Teachers must create a safe environment for exploring different conflict res... Read More »

How to Stay Organized During Conflict Resolution?

Although the word conflict carries a negative connotation, it is important to see conflict as a naturally occurring element in our day-to-day lives. No matter how one tries to avoid it, there will ... Read More »

Definition of Conflict Resolution/Mediation?

Conflict can come to any number of unhappy resolutions; one side can just give in, one can take the other to court and let a judge decide. In worst-case scenarios one or both sides resort to violen... Read More »