Confirmation: Is my monitor broken?

Answer Check your connections. If OK then it needs to be disassembled and have new capacitors installed. It's cheaper to purchase a new monitor.\☺/

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How to Use an External Monitor for a Broken Inspiron 1501 Laptop Monitor?

Many people believe they can no longer use their laptops if the main display breaks, but a broken LCD doesn't render the entire system useless. You can connect an external monitor to your Dell Insp... Read More »

Is my monitor broken?

You need to Degause it......Push the menu button on your monitor and find the selection that says "Degause" and click it. your monitor will flash and then be magically OKMost monitors have a dega... Read More »

My monitor is broken?

You dropping a monitor about 3½ feet onto a wooden floorI would say the odds on that would be Floor 1 Monitor 0!That is going to cost you a new monitor.It would probably cost you more to get it re... Read More »

How to Repair the Broken Monitor on a Notebook?

Repairing a broken LCD monitor screen on a notebook computer usually means replacing the screen altogether since few notebook monitors are economically repairable once they are cracked or the scree... Read More »