Confidentiality & Non-Circumvention Agreement?

Answer Confidentiality agreements are contracts. These agreements protect information from disclosure. When two or more parties agree to a confidentiality contract, also called a nondisclosure agreement, ... Read More »

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What is a non-circumvention agreement?

A non-circumvention agreement is a written document often used during the sale of a business when a broker is involved in the transaction. The seller and, sometimes, the buyer sign this document, s... Read More »

Is it illegal for a property management company of a condo complex to withhold an agreement from fha unless they receive a confidentiality agreement from the mortgage company?

Yes, the State of Colo, If someone is managing residential property 4 units or less that is not theirs, they have to have a Active Real Estate License.

NDA Confidentiality Agreement?

A nondisclosure agreement (NDA) or confidentiality agreement represents a critical legal document. Necessity dictates that you execute this document during the early phases of discussions or negoti... Read More »

What is a confidentiality agreement?

When you have an exciting and innovative idea, chances are that you'll need to tell someone about it, whether it is a manufacturer, business partner, or financier. To protect your concept, at least... Read More »