Conficker Virus: I have Windows Vista, what update do I need or?

Answer Re your detail: Don't hit the panic button. The latest Vista update is incompatible with some programs. Microsoft scans your computer for these programs before installing the update and won't ins... Read More »

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Computer has virus and won't let me download an anti-virus or scan or update windows, what can i do?

It certainly sounds like you have been infected with some kind of malware. Whenever you suspect you have an infection, there are several things you must do. Unfortunately, if you find one infectio... Read More »

How to Disable a Windows Update Virus?

Antimalware Defender is a rogue antimalware program that generates pop-ups designed to resemble the Windows Critical Update pop-ups. The pop-ups state "Antimalware security update for Windows XP (K... Read More »

Windows Won't Update Vista?

You can keep your computer up-to-date and secure with the latest drivers and features using Windows Update, a free service that Windows Vista offers. You can choose to have Windows Update automatic... Read More »

How to Update Windows Defender for Vista?

Updates for Windows Defender are usually included in regularly scheduled Windows updates. However, you can manually download and install the updates yourself. Updates may be available in several pl... Read More »