Cones Used in Sports?

Answer If you thought that all cones were made the same, think again. There are a variety of different sports cones on the market that are intended for different athletic purposes. While some cones are us... Read More »

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How are computers used in sports today?

Technology advancements have led to growth and change within the sports industry. Computers have improved efforts to develop training and equipment, manage information and facilitate communication ... Read More »

When was the first sports cup used in hockey?

The Stanley Cup, which has become the oldest professional sports trophy used in North America, was commissioned in 1893 by Governor General Lord Stanley of Preston (Ontario, Canada). It was origina... Read More »

What font is used on sports jerseys?

Most sports jerseys are printed in a block-style font. These block fonts are sans serif, which means that they do not have fancy attachments on the ends. These are used because they are a lot easie... Read More »

Are there standardized 3 - 4 letter abbreviations for college sports team names and professional sports city names-like what ESPN would use in their sports tickers?