Conducting Presentation Tips?

Answer Whether it's in the classroom or at the office, an oral presentation is only as effective as the way it's delivered. A presentation is not based on just the material you present, but on you as well... Read More »

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Scientific Presentation Tips?

Giving a scientific presentation is an intimidating process, since, in many cases, instead of simply speaking to the audience, you might be challenged on your methods or results. If you are partici... Read More »

Student Presentation Tips?

No matter how much you dread public speaking, there will come a time in your college career when you will have to give a presentation. Whether you are giving an hour-long talk on a research project... Read More »

Presentation Tips & Guidelines?

A few things that you can keep in mind will help you create a clear and powerful presentation. Many people think "more is more" and crowd their presentations with graphics or loud colors. Others tr... Read More »

Training Tips for a Presentation?

Giving a presentation allows you to provide information to several or many people at a time. Presentation skills seem to come naturally to people who enjoy speaking in front of audiences while othe... Read More »