Condominium common area laws?

Answer All states have laws and regulations that govern condominiums and homewners associations. While they might be similar, they will differ from state-to-state. You will need to research your particula... Read More »

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What is considered common area in a condominium?

There is no standard. Read your governing documents to identify the dividing line between what you own individually, and what is owned by all owners in common. Often this line is defined as 'the ... Read More »

Is a garage part of the condominium common area?

Your governing documents will specifically define any garage and its ownership parameters within your community. Your garage may be an open bay garage, owned by and with casual access by all owners... Read More »

Are window frames common area in a Condominium?

The subject of windows often precipitates the most troubling conversations, raising questions asked about condominiums and exactly what the association owns as common area and what an individual ow... Read More »

Are the inside of the walls in a condominium considered common area?

There is no standard: every condominium is different from every other condominium. Read your governing documents to identify the line that separates what you own as an individual owner and what is... Read More »