Condo Assn IRS filing how do you find out if it was done IRS website no help?

Answer You can request a copy of the filed form from your board.

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Legal form for a corporate resolution for condo assn?

There is no legal 'form' for a corporate resolution. A resolution is crafted in simple language, and it states the authority of the resolving board. Your governing documents, usually the By-laws, ... Read More »

Your condo assn is using your water without your consent They will not pay you so you are taking them to court They publically named you and assessed all owners to pay meis this all legal on their par?

The best advise is this: contact your attorney and ask the question again.

What form do you use for filing a lien against a condo?

The statutory real estate lien form for your state. A condo is considered real property. Read your governing documents to understand the procedure required before filing a lien. You may need to sen... Read More »

Filing a lien for non payment of maintenance in a condo complex in NJ?

Read your governing documents where you can find the process described. It's a good idea to use the association's condominium-savvy attorney to construct and file the lien.