Conditions That Reduce Dissolved Oxygen in Water?

Answer Dissolved oxygen is the amount of gaseous oxygen in water (e.g. oxygen is not part of the H2O chemical bond). Dissolved oxygen is necessary for aquatic life to survive because it is what they breat... Read More »

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How does dissolved oxygen get into the water?

The dissolved oxygen in water is essential to supporting aquatic life, because fish use that oxygen to breathe. Kentucky Water Watch says the sources of the oxygen include the atmosphere, aeration ... Read More »

How to Measure Dissolved Oxygen in Water?

When scientists learned how measure dissolved oxygen in water, they discovered that bodies of water breathe---at least the ones with plant life in them do. The dissolved oxygen level in a healthy p... Read More »

What Is High Dissolved Oxygen in Hot Drinking Water?

High dissolved oxygen is not present in hot drinking water. It is, however, present in higher quality cold water. High dissolved oxygen in water refers to a high quantity of free or atmospheric oxy... Read More »

How do you reduce the total dissolved solids in swimming pool water without draining it?

You will have to drain some or all of the water depending on how much TDS you need to remove.