Concrete Molds for Bird Baths & Fountains?

Answer If you are a bird watcher, you look for different ways to bring the winged creatures to your property. Bird baths and fountains attract wild birds to your yard. Creating your own bird bath or fount... Read More »

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How to Use Concrete to Patch Driveway Sinkholes and Bird Baths?

Concrete is an expensive part of any building or remodeling project. Driveways can be particularly costly, with a 12-by-50 foot span costing as much as $6,000 or up to $10 per square foot, accordin... Read More »

How do I prepare concrete molds?

CleanClean the concrete molds before and after each use. Remove any residue or aggregate that remains in the molds. Clean the interior surfaces of the mold carefully with a cloth or soft brush so t... Read More »

How Do I Use Aluminum Concrete Molds?

Get the Molds ReadyMix two ounces of castor oil with sixteen ounces of alcohol inside a spray bottle. Spritz the liquid over the inside of the aluminum mold. Put the mold on a flat surface that can... Read More »

What do you use to make molds for concrete?

On One Hand: Making a Reusable MoldWhen making a reusable concrete mold, you will need a material that is waterproof--so that it won't soak up the moisture from the concrete, and flexible--so that ... Read More »