Concrete Flatwork Tools?

Answer Concrete is a widely used building material with many practical applications such as construction of foundations, basement floors and walkways and even entire buildings. It is a composite material ... Read More »

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How do I get concrete off tools?

CleanSpray the tool with a garden hose or wash in a pale of water. Use a brush to remove stubborn concrete. Dry the tool with a clean garage rag.Prevent RustCoat the tool with a mixture of one quar... Read More »

How do I clean concrete off tools?

Apply a Concrete DissolverPut the tools in a clean 5-gallon bucket. Spray a concrete dissolver on the tools, allowing the extra solution to drip in the bucket. Saturate the tool until the concrete ... Read More »

Concrete Hand Tools?

Having the proper hand tools for working with wet concrete makes all the difference when aiming for a finish that looks professionally done. Concrete jobs use a variety of hand tools to spread the ... Read More »

What Tools Do You Need to Drill a Hole in Concrete?

Concrete might be a hard material, but drilling holes in it can be easy and safe if you use the proper tools and equipment. Because of its density, drilling into concrete is more difficult than dr... Read More »