Conclusion of pocket guide on first aid?

Answer This project makes me clear that it is important for improve to have at least basic knowledge of first aid .It can serve to save a person's life. So project like these should become a part of every... Read More »

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Cbse project on pocket guide on first aid?

What is the aim of First Aid ? The key aims of first aid can be summarised in three key pointsPreserve life is the overriding aim of all medical care, including first aid, is to save lives Prevent ... Read More »

How do you prepare a pocket guide on first aid as a school project?

Basic things you should probably have in there include: Cardio-Pulminary Resuscitation (CPR)Epileptic SeizureDiabetic EmergencyRecognise and manage angina and heart attackTreat AsthmaFractures, dis... Read More »

Conclusion of project on first aid?

As the concluding part of this project, I would like to say that-- "Without proper action at proper time ,danger awaits us with a bigger face."We must act on time when a person is injured. We must ... Read More »

Who invented the first pocket calculator?

Texas Instruments started development on the electronic pocket calculator in 1966. Texas Instruments formed a joint venture with Canon to manufacture it and they introduced the Pocketronic calculat... Read More »