Concept of a Line in Art Class?

Answer The Swiss Expressionist painter Paul Klee (1879-1940) is commonly credited with saying that "a line is a dot that goes for a walk." When it comes to art class, the concept of line is often one of t... Read More »

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Top of the Line Luxury Class C RV Vehicles?

A Class C RV is one in which the cab is seamlessly attached to the vehicle, with the vehicle based on a truck chassis, and the cab essentially a larger version of a van. While the smaller size of C... Read More »

What tv show did the line my therapist told me that I can attribute the addiction to my 7th grade catholic school sex ed class come from?

Darth Sidious and Darth Vader of course, not because they are "cooler" for both sides are amazing, however the Sith power would top that of any mere mortal.

What is the difference between petty officer 1st class and 3rd class in the coast guard?

A third class Petty Officer (PO) is an E4.Second class PO is an E5First Class PO is an E6.Chief PO is an E7Senior Chief PO is an E8andMaster Chief PO is an E9Hope that helps

Are class 6 micro sd cards better for cell phone use compared to class 2?

I would say yes but go and buy one from eBay or amazon but check that the seller will send the item to Egypt before you buy.