Concept of Value for Money?

Answer Money is a mystery to many people. Many believe the U.S. government coins and regulates the value of the dollar. The fact is that a small group of private bankers, called the Federal Reserve, make ... Read More »

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Added Value as a Business Concept?

Competition is fierce in today's business market, and every company vies for sales. According to business coach Terry Dean, adding value to a business' products and services helps a company stand o... Read More »

Why Is Place Value a Significant Concept in Mathmatics?

The number system almost universally used in modern times makes use of a concept called "place value." Though place value seems intuitively obvious, it is not how numbers have always been managed. ... Read More »

How Businesses Can Use the Value Chain Concept & SWOT Analysis to Identify Opportunities?

Michael E. Porter, Harvard Business professor and leader of the Harvard Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, first coined the term "value chain" in his 1998 book "Competitive Advantage: Crea... Read More »

The Value of Torn Money?

The U.S. Treasury controls how much money is in circulation at a given time, and one of the responsibilities involved in controlling this is removing and replacing old and damaged money. The Treasu... Read More »