Concept of Value for Money?

Answer Money is a mystery to many people. Many believe the U.S. government coins and regulates the value of the dollar. The fact is that a small group of private bankers, called the Federal Reserve, make ... Read More »

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What is the concept of 3G?

3G literally stands for 3rd Generation, it's the 3rd generation of Mobile Services and data transfers, with faster data transfer speeds and other features. Apart from giving you fast data speeds an... Read More »

What is a concept map?

A concept map is a diagram that shows relationships between concepts, ideas or items. It is considered a useful graphical tool for organizing and presenting knowledge in a particular subject.Histor... Read More »

C/C++ concept !!! let see what you got?

char *a=(char *)malloc(100);scanf("%s", a);printf("%s\n'', a);

What is a concept map and an idea web?

Concept maps and idea webs are useful tools for students that allow them to easily see how different ideas are related. Both tools provide visual representations of complex ideas, thus making them ... Read More »