Computers....Can we live without them?

Answer My computer was broken for about a month. I was shocked to learn that i could survive without it! Of course, i'd never want to do it again!

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Spiders in sydney are so gross, can i live without having to see them?

Oh for goodness sake! How really ignorant are you? There are 22 million people living here and NOT getting eaten by sharks, bugs, spiders etc.Oh forget it..... go to Syria. The experience will d... Read More »

What do you do if your brother ask you to choose between him and your boyfriend and you love them both equally and cant live without them while both are nice and love you dearly?

Smack your brother in the face for asking such a stupid question

If you soak pinto beans all day can you rinse them and put them into the fridge overnight without cooking them first?

Answer Yes, but it might be good to try soaking them overnight as well - just chance the water for fresh and leave them to soak.

If you never married your baby's father do you have the legal right to move to another state without his permission in order to receive help from family members who will let you live with them?

Answer:Depending on the state's jurisdiction and enforcement laws, my understanding is, the father can have you extridited back into his state, he just has to submit to a DNA test to prove he's the... Read More »